Fragrance Selections

Unique Blends fragrances have been selected with great consideration. These are the best fragrances offered, no matter what you choose, your recipient's senses will be delighted. Below are descriptions of our fragrances.

Baby Fresh: A delicate, light, fresh air fragrance. Top notes of clean ozone, muguet and citrus. Middle notes of lilac, classic jasmine and a delicate rose. Gentle woody, violet and powder notes at the base. This is a wonderful "baby fresh" scent that fills you with love!

Bergamot & Tarragon Leaves: A truly spectacular spa-like fragrance with top notes of tarragon leaves, grapefruit, and lime; followed by middle notes of bergamot and jasmine; well rounded with base notes of oakmoss and bamboo.

Black Vetyver Café: This wonderful scent for men, it is similar to Jo Malone fragrance. It is a rich, sensual scent. Deep, bitter black roasted coffee bean and Cistus oil steeped in earthy notes of vetiver, temple incense, sequoia wood and sandalwood with vanilla, nutmeg, green pepper & coriander to round it out. (It is so wonderful, some women love this scent for themselves too.)

Lake Breeze: This aroma is reminiscent of deep water ...heady and strong. It's very fresh, wonderful fragrance for the whole family. A warm and comforting scent that people order again and again, great choice for the cottage. Top seller.

Lime & Cilantro: Incredibly refreshing blend of fresh lime and crisp cilantro. Aroma of fresh lime tossed with green cilantro, Jasmine petals and Lily of the Valley, then spritzed with lemon juice and soft musk.

Orange & Pomegranate:  A fragrant blend, very pleasant. Invigorating in the shower, will get your senses tingling. Signature fragrance for our Shea Butter Sugar Scrub, choose this for your Body Firming Lotion and you'll be delighted!

Patchouli Honey (for MEN but women like it too): Sweet essense of honeycomb wrapped around patchouli twigs. Light notes of candied fruit and lemon peel. 2 thumbs up especially for Shave Lotion/After Shave!

Pink Sugar: Stylish, but playful, fruity blend of cotton candy, caramel, vanilla, stawberry, fig leaf, plums, mandarin, lemon drops and raspberry. Ending with soft musk and woods at the base. (reminds me of Aquolina)

Spring Rain: Crisp, light, clean fragrance of fresh spring air after the rain. Soft floral undertones mingles with juicy citrus, and hints of pine and musk to create this wonderful scent.

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